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Jun 1, 2019
The results of some bisecting and debugging work, I think we've cracked a working gcc 4.8.2 - this is a "feature complete C++11" compiler.

Patch can be found here:

Edit: Updated to link to the latest version of this patch that will be tracked in github


  • Compiled with already working gcc 4.7.4
  • binutils-2.23.2
  • gmp-6.1.2
  • mpfr-4.0.1
  • mpc-1.1.0
  • libisl-0.18 (? unclear for now if it uses this, later gcc certainly look for it)
This of course requires that the building gcc and ld and as are found at the front of your build path, of course.

Known issues: For the moment my version builds executables with a mixture of dwarf2 and dwarf4 symbols (which will happily work, fwiw) - for now I'm putting this down to not properly playing the "build binutils, build gcc, build bintuils, build gcc" dance.

Has passed a considerable chunk of the C++ testsuite this afternoon, which was nice.

Edit: Should mention, the gdb version this is happily working with is 7.6.2.

Edit2: I'm removing direct references to configure here - as these builds are still evolving.

The arguments and environment can be found in that git directory as:

  • configureit.sh
  • setupenv.sh
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