gcc 4.8.2


Jun 1, 2019
The results of some bisecting and debugging work, I think we've cracked a working gcc 4.8.2 - this is a "feature complete C++11" compiler.

Patch can be found here:

Edit: Updated to link to the latest version of this patch that will be tracked in github


  • Compiled with already working gcc 4.7.4
  • binutils-2.23.2
  • gmp-6.1.2
  • mpfr-4.0.1
  • mpc-1.1.0
  • libisl-0.18 (? unclear for now if it uses this, later gcc certainly look for it)
Example configure:

configure --prefix=$INSTALL_DIR --disable-silent-rules --disable-nls --disable-multilib --enable-obsolete --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-bootstrap --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-threads=posix --disable-lto --with-gmp=$INSTALLDIR --with-mpfr=$INSTALLDIR --with-system-zlib --enable-checking=release
This of course requires that the building gcc and ld and as are found at the front of your build path, of course.

Known issues: For the moment my version builds executables with a mixture of dwarf2 and dwarf4 symbols (which will happily work, fwiw) - for now I'm putting this down to not properly playing the "build binutils, build gcc, build bintuils, build gcc" dance.

Has passed a considerable chunk of the C++ testsuite this afternoon, which was nice.

Edit: Should mention, the gdb version this is happily working with is 7.6.2.
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