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Dec 9, 2020

I have a few Fuel machines for sale. Currently one 600MHz/1GB/V10 system and one 800MHz/2GB/V10 system. HDD is usually 36 or 72 GB. Both fully functional with original PSU, good cosmetic condition. I'd send more info and pictures to those interested.

For price base I use SGI Depot Fuel price list (prices in GBP) - http://www.sgidepot.co.uk/sgidepot/fuel.html where I deduce 15% for 600MHz system and 25% for 800MHz system. Then we can reduce further based on cosmetic condition and other details.

I'm based in Europe (Czech Republic) so this means mostly reasonable shipping inside EU (30-60 EUR to most countries) and 150-200 USD to the US (plus customs fee if applicable).


Sep 23, 2020
I've just recently bought a Fuel from cz7asm and want to point out that he did a very good job properly packaging the machine for shipping.
And the Fuel was in very good condition!

+++ can recommend seller +++ would buy again +++ :D(y)
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