Fuel PSU Repair - Low 12v Rail Issue - System Powering down


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Nov 24, 2021
Ok guys, After couple of days waiting for parts I was able to recap completely the Fuel PSU from Sparkle Power Int. Model FSP460-60PFN. Issue with it, sometime was felling on the 12v rail, will go lower at 10.2v. After open the PSU, and inspection, a good amount of capacitors where bulging already. I decided to replace all of them. Now the power is perfect on all rails and the system is back online

Cap List:
From DigiKey - 565-2789-ND - 2 Units

From Mouser
Mouser # Qty.
80-ESS476M016AC2AA 1
647-UKA1V330MDD1TD 2
647-UPM1H100MDD1TA 3
647-UMV1E4R7MFD1TP 1
647-ULD1H220MDD1TD 1
647-ULD1H2R2MDD1TD 1
647-UPW1A681MPD6TD 1
647-UVY1A102MPD 1
647-URZ1H470MDD1TA 3
647-UVZ1V331MPD1TD 1
647-UBT1C222MHD1TN 2
647-UVY1A472MHD 1
647-UVZ1C101MDD1TA 2
647-UVY1C332MHD 6
647-UMA1C220MDD1TP 5
710-860020672001 2


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Feb 4, 2019
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Nice to hear you were able to repair it by replacing the capacitors :)
The existence of the ATX adapter board is good, but unfortunately it is hard to find ATX power supplies with sufficient capacity on the 3.3/5V rails, so this should be helpful.
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