Fuel: Gig Network and ATX PSU Adapter (Kuba)


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Feb 8, 2019
Hello: today is another short post about some upgrades to my Fuel. Welcome to working with the IP35 family. It almost feels like working with a regular PC. There are pros and cons with that- today they are pros, as it's super easy to do these upgrades.

Upgrade 1: Kuba PSU Adapter
I had already done the manual re-wire and install of an ATX PSU and my Fuel has been running fine (with L1 Env monitoring off). I contacted Kuba Tyszko and asked if he had any more ATX adapters. He did, and sold it to me. It arrived and I swapped out my manual re-wire.

Upgrade 2: 1 gigbyte NIC for Fuel
One of the thing that bugs me is slow Ethernet, as all my modern machines have 1G, and I do a lot with NFS across my systems. Having Fast Ethernet on the Fuel was a let down. When some NIB 3Com 1G nics came up on ebay I got one.

Steps to Install Gig Ethernet:
1. Shutdown fuel
2. Open case
3. Insert PCIX card
4. Close case
5. Boot up fuel

Now lets see what happened:

dillera@fuel ~ $ hinv | grep -i gig
Gigabit Ethernet: tg1, module 001c01, PCI bus 2 slot 1

dillera@fuel ~ $ ifconfig -a
inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
inet netmask 0xff000000


lets bring it up and test it:

# ifconfig tg1 netmask up

I can ping- more speed tests later...


For the PSU Adapter I simply removed my hand-made version and installed the one from Kuba


After this I can now enable env monitoring on L1 as the L1 module can now sense the PSU fan speed:

Environmental monitoring is enabled and running.
Description State Warning RPM Current RPM
--------------- ---------- ----------- -----------
FAN 0 EXHAUST Enabled 920 1196
FAN 1 HD Enabled 1560 2235
FAN 2 PCI Enabled 1120 1493
FAN 3 XIO 1 Enabled 1600 2205
FAN 4 XIO 2 Enabled 1600 2057
FAN 5 PS Enabled 1349 1896

Before FAN 5 was 0, and so the L1 would shutdown the Fuel in 20 seconds if it was enabled.


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