FS O300 4x600 2gb ram


Jan 17, 2020
Just one left.....sold 8 4x600, 2gb ram, 72gb boot disk, 2nd drive sled, new battery on io9. TESTED
sorry no rack rails. Looking for $500 each, but always open to offers
I'll ship anywhere you want to pay for it to go $50 for packing mtls plus shipping
you could alwasy pick it up, chicago area.
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Jan 29, 2020
Oh Hai, I got two of those O300's via eBay.
3ddoc did a great job packing the systems, cooperated when I wanted to consolidate shipping of RAM modules I also got.

My only nitpick was that I had to purchase two 2GB sets (2x1GB sticks) to upgrade, and this means I had to toss the 4x512GB sticks that shipped in the machines. I wish the machines were with 2x1GB already - if that were true I'd have had both of mine at 4GB each by now :).
Going through IRIX reinstall now, already hooked up both via NUMAlink.
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