FS: IndyCompress, R4400-150 CPU, 24bit Video


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Aug 19, 2020
Indy CPU, with IndyCOMPRESS? Boards, Drives. Bad PSU or NVRAM (won't power-up)
$300. More pictures uploaded, 2Nov20. (2) 1.2G Disks, Full of RAM. Looks like a 24bit graphics card, with shutter glasses output, IndyCompress Daughterboards.

Update 5Nov20: Was able to get it fired-up, with a substitute (iffy!) power supply, only to firework a tantalum capacitor on the motherboard. Drives wouldn't spin up, so failed SCSI diagnostic. Was able to display command monitor though, which indicated the 24bit graphics card, and R4400-150 CPU.

Price reduced to $300, we accept credit card payment by phone, wire transfer, paypal.

(425) 788-0208


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