FS: Headless Acclaim Indy, XL8, XL24, Indycam


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Jul 9, 2019
Tucson, AZ
So I've got a mid-range Indy here with an R4600SC @ 133MHz. I upgraded the RAM to 160MB. It has the Acclaim inventory sticker on the front, but since the original drive was pulled by the previous seller, that's all that's left of its prior life. The Sony PSU is in good shape. I need to keep the SCSI drive I put in it, so it won't have any disks, but will have the one sled that I received with it.

The big catch: It only works headless, so it's really more akin to a Challenge S instead of a proper Indy. I have tried an XL8 and an XL24 board from different sources and when either is installed the system crashes during POST with no indication of what the failure is. I have had absolutely no issues booting over serial console and running remote X sessions over the network.

Maybe you want a really underpowered server? Or maybe you'd like to just put the case on display so you can admire the Acclaim sticker on it? If so, this is your chance!

In addition to the unit itself, I have a decently yellowed Indycam and microphone (the mounting clip for the microphone is broken), as well as the XL8 and XL24 boards. The XL boards have to be considered untested but were both claimed to work previously. The Indycam, though, I have tested myself over a remote X session.

I'm thinking maybe $60 for the Indy, $20 for each of the XL cards, and $10 for the Indycam - or just make me an offer. Shipping costs will be whatever it costs me. That's not even half of what I've paid for these parts over this past year, but I'm ready to cut my losses now before I spend even more money trying to solve the mystery of why the system won't boot with graphics installed.

I'll check replies/DMs here when I can, or you can always find me on the Discord. I can get some photos up if anyone's interested. Shipping will be from Tucson, AZ.
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