Free Adaptec Firewire 4300 PCI card for SGI member


Jun 23, 2019

I've got a spare 'new in box' red adaptec 4300 firewire card I'd like someone to have. But the someone needs to be a person with the skills and knowledge of Irix capable of troubleshooting the drivers and helping us diagnose working solutions.

Some links/history on the card:

Apparently it should work on Tezro, Octane and O2 (I think) as long as they can accept PCI. On my Octane it detects the card in the PROM, upon boot it says 'scanning Firewire bus' in the console, but then the CPU panics and the kernel crashes. This is with the beta 1.1 driver:

Chulofiasco can boot his machine but can't seem to get the driver to do anything:

Pm me or msg me on Discord. Ideally I'd rather not pay the postage cost, but maybe I can pay some of it if it is expensive.
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