For sale: Pristine SGI FUEL R14K, 600MHz, V10, R7.1 (newer revisions)


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Jan 21, 2020
Hi, I am selling a really pristine SGI FUEL!

As always, I think to put this up on eBay but wanted to give you a chance to buy it directly from me first if the minimum price I want is reached. Please add your bids directly in replies to this post. PS! This sale is also over at the IRIXNetwork forums and I will combine the updates on both.

This machine has always run perfectly, and I can guarantee a fully working, fast, silent, and smooth experience on this workstation.

It's in perfect, almost in new condition since it was used as a secondary workstation, so the hours logged on this are fewer. A new Snaphat timekeeper installed, and a spare Dallas-chip is included. Original round SGI mouse-pad and SGI USB keyboard also included.

YOUTUBE VIDEO #1 (more coming). Also, see photos in this post.

CPU: R14000, 600MHz, 4MB L2. This is the latest model of the 3 versions of the R14K-600MHz CPUs. SGI# 030-1836-001. rev C
Motherboard: IP35. SGI# 030-1707-003. rev H
Memory: 1GB
Audio: M-audio Professional Revolution 7.1 (brand new)
PSU: 430W. SGI# 060-0140-004. rev B
Graphics Board: Odyssey V10 VPro 32MB. SGI# 030-1725-001. rev F
System Disk: HITACHI, RPM15K, 36GB, U120

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