For Sale: Authentic Andataco 4GB external SCSI HDD plus cable and terminator $50


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Oct 25, 2020
Alright - time to sell something I can actually ship. :) I'm in Portland, OR, US and can ship potentially worldwide, just would need to figure out the shipping cost using Pirateship.

Before there were cloud transfer environments like Dropbox, before USB thumb drives, there were external SCSI drives. And Andataco was a popular third-party vendor of data storage for UNIX systems. Featuring the HPDB50 SCSI cable to connect to your SGI Indy and a Sun-branded SCSI terminator, you're going to be looking good.

I installed a period-authentic Seagate 4.5GB HDD in there (with SCSI setting jumpers and LED activity light as expected), I can find the model if someone's interested. I installed the drive in there and wired up the SCSI ID.

I'm sure if you swapped it with a SCSI2SD/ZuluSCSI/BlueSCSIv2 inside, you could make something look period-authentic with modern guts.

Andataco LED off SGI style.jpegAndataco LED on.jpeg

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