didbs-0.1.X - GCC Compiler testing releases


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Apr 26, 2019
Very great job with didbs!! It'll definately make my efforts at getting a modern web browser on IRIX easier. *buys hammy a virtual beer*
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Jun 1, 2019
Didbs technical release 0.1.8 - The "Enough of that MIPSPro angst, let's go fully GCC" release.

Note: Care - are per 0.1.7 the rpm included here assumes a "prefix" of the /usr/didbs/XX-XX directory - which is not what you want. Use ~/.rpmmacros or edit the $DIDBS_ROOT/lib/rpm/macros file and override this. Once done, you'll want to rpmdb --init a new database under that root.

Changes from the 0.1.7 gcc release:
  • There is now a "sampleport" under packages that might help people get started adding things they want. I'll create a branch "contributedbuilds" that anyone is welcome to add stuff to. Please note - I'll only accept contributed builds on that branch. The releases I build will contain exclusively the "core" didbs stuff from master/development. This isn't ideal I do understand, the sooner we can move to `rpm` - the sooner we remove the didbs dependency.
  • wget upgrade to 1.20.3
  • openssl upgrade to 1.1.1d
  • openssh upgrade to 8.1p1
  • perl upgrade to 5.30.0
  • wget bug fix to avoid truncation of "Host:" headers during redirects
  • Added disabled torrent client + library (V slow to build, alpha quality - irixltclient + libtorrent)
  • libffi bug fixes, now passes all tests
  • python2 disabled for binary release - issues with install + lib directory, contribution / ownership welcomed
  • flex bug fix - defensive include changes for compatibility with older irix 6.5.X
  • add "mips4" config possibility for openssl (thanks thor!)
  • default "downloader" now uses curl (thanks thor!)
  • better error messages (ncargs) + pointers in the readme (thanks massive!)
  • emacs bugfix to rebuild when already installed (libjpeg errors)
  • binutils bugfix to rebuild when already installed (missed "rm granlib")
  • didbs bugfix to avoid empty `PATH` or `LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH` elements
  • rpm tooling bugfix - avoid coredumps from `elfdeps` - the tool still doesn't work (not fatal for RPM usage), but it doesn't coredump now

I'm afraid mipspro is gone with this release. It's still there as option in didbs if someone feels the zen to build it themselves.

How to use:
  • Create /usr/didbs
  • chown it to your user
  • Extract the download under there as your user
Note1: As per 0.1.7 - I am only providing a mips3 binary release. I suspect other than bugfixes, this is as far as didbs goes in this format. Future work will focus on replicating this toolchain + feature set using `rpm`. RPM and direction using that is better served in another post.

Note2: If you are on Irix <6.5.30 and you want to use the included GCC compiler - you'll need to execute the "header fixer".

And here is an example of setting paths to use the didbs tools (assuming you've "symlinked" /usr/didbs/current to your extracted release):



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