DEC ALPHA ES40 and SGI Origin 2k give away in Germany


New member
Jul 27, 2019

Life goes on and I need to make room to new projects. I would be happy to find a new home for my ES40 and Origin. Specs are:

ES40 - 3 X 667 Mhz CPU, 1,5 GB RAM, 1 x dis cage with 4 sleds and at least 2 x disks, gigabit ethernet card, de500 ethernet card and some scsi cards, 2 of 3 PSU. It has rust. Last time I booted this machine it worked.

Origin 2k - 8 x 195 MHz, system disk.

I can give no guarantees as to their working order, but you get them for free.

These are located at southern Germany, Bavaria.

PM if interested.


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