Convincing the software installer to install on the secondary drive?


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
A while back I ran into a problem with my Onyx2, as it didn’t have the required space on the system disk to install the Onyx2 demos.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the company who originally bought this machine only installed two x 2GB disks in it. 8(

I didn’t have any spare disks here and the software installer wouldn't allow me to install the demo files on the secondary disk.

There’s was enough space on the secondary to install all the demos at once, but I could install an uninstall the demo disks one at a time to run the demos until I acquired a larger system disk.

I got it to work by copying the demos folder to the secondary drive and creating a reference to it there, which I then placed in the: /usr folder on the primary drive.

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