Battery 101: Indigo


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Feb 8, 2019
Ah the SGI Iris Indigo... R4k or R3k - they both have issues with their battery back-ups not working. Some Indigos will error and just complain and boot IRIX, some will not boot until that battery is fixed. My R4k didn't boot until I replaced the battery.

So if you need to boot your Iris Indigo and it's not booting because of the battery, you can replace it with a little time, energy and a new battery.

  • You can order a new battery from Amazon - TL-5186
  • You will have to de-solder and re-solder the battery
  • You will get to know your Indigo Motherboard when it's all over
So order your new battery, wait for it to get in and shut down your Indigo.

  1. Remove the CPU/Motherboard
  2. Locate the battery
  3. Clip off the plastic retaining strap
  4. De-Solder the battery and remove it from MB, note orientation of pins
  5. Insert new battery and solder it up
  6. Re-install CPU board and power up and enjoy your Indigo
Some Images:
The old and new battery

Indigo 4K Motherboard/CPU board

Close up of battery- just clip off that annoying plastic strap and discard it.
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