Aquired a pile of sgi systems / Serial console setttings


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Feb 13, 2020
A local computer company shut down, found all kinds of sgi equipment being thrown out. Lots of o2 and indigo systems. The o2's seem outright smashed, might still work. The indigo systems look alright, scratched but complete. I also got a rackmount origin 300 with some router bricks and a onyx4 box with 2 video cards in it. Oh, and there was also a stripped out onyx 1, as well as a origin deskside in rough shape.

I was curious, the rackmount origin 300 powers up, im trying to get the serial console settings right. Ive tried all the different baud rates on my terminal, all i get is gibberish.
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Feb 4, 2019
Congratulations! :)

According to the Origin 300 User Manual techpub (attached), it should be 38400 8N1:

To attach a PC to your server, connect a null modem serial cable between the PC and the server’s L1 console port (refer to Figure 3-2). Perform the following steps to establish a connection between your server and the system console (PC
  1. Ensure that the L1 controller of the server is powered on. When the server is connected to a power source, the L1 controller should be powered on. Note: When powered on, the L1 controller displays “L1 running.” If it does not display “L1 running,” check the connection between the server and the power source. In addition, ensure that the circuit breaker of the power source is on.
  2. Power on the system console.
  3. Ensure that the system console has the following network setting:
    • Baud 38400
    • No parity
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit
    • Hardware flow control on (RTS/CTS)


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