anyone ever do 16x9 resolutions for irix?


Jan 4, 2021
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
So Just got my vga to hdmi working and it works great with SOG. I set my res to 800x600 and it came upSmilet supports these vga inputs: VGA Input Format
800 x 600/1024 x 768/1280 x 720/1280 x 768/1280 x 800/1280 x 1204/ 1360 x 768/1600 x 1200/1920 x 1080 @60Hz 640*480 no idea why the seller has all the resolutions backwards lol anyway. Ill be using it on 16x9 monitors. Has anyone ever compiled a 16x9 res for irix? i'll be running this on an o2. I looked at the default res's really quick but I dont have a ps2 mouse so the toolchest was blocking a few. but if there arent any does anyone know of a git that maybe someones compiled for 16x9 res's? For anyone curious here is the adapter: 20 bucks shipped Smile.


New member
Apr 18, 2020
How well is that handling Sync-on-Green? I have a similar adaptor but on my O2 it makes everything sickly green. I have a different, albeit more limited, one that works fine for my Octane and have been able to run it at 1080p. That said, compiling the custom resolution files is a pain.

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