Alias/Wavefront demo reels from late 80's-90's with The Cure and Peter Gabriel


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Oct 13, 2021
Cognizant this will date me, but this is an SGI forum so... Does anyone remember the exact year(s) that Alias/Wavefront released demo reels(on VHS) with The Cure's She Sells Sanctuary(r1985) and Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer(r1986) as soundtracks?
Do you live anywhere near South Minneapolis? If you can get permission to look at the University of Minnesota's Alias/Wavefront archive ( it sounds like it would have the information you're looking for.

It has to be viewed in a reading room of this University of Minnesota library building in South Minneapolis:

If not, do any helpful individuals with time to visit that library, and who are willing to obtain permission/membership to visit it, live in the right location?
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