About the User Group, and Guiding Principles

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Feb 4, 2019
Welcome to the Silicon Graphics User Group!

The Silicon Graphics User Group grew out of SGIDev (developers interested in porting modern software and development tools to IRIX) but now encompasses a fully featured community including:
  • A landing page at https://www.sgi.sh
  • A Discord chat server (link in footer or at https://www.sgi.sh )
  • An IRC channel at irc.oftc.net #sgidev linked to #general in Discord
  • Forums , which you are using
  • A GitHub Pages based wiki at http://www.sgidev.org
  • Other venues to follow, emphasizing usability on SGIs and other vintage machines
We discuss all topics: primarily related to Silicon Graphics computers, but also other vintage technologies, electronics, and anything of interest to our members. We believe in not only fostering high quality technical discussion, but also forming a community of friends.

The User Group is not run or owned by any one individual and is intended to be more of a "co-operative" format where people contribute and collaborate equally. Administrative duties are shared equally amongst (at current writing) 10 individuals.

Our administrators were the founding members of this community selected for their good judgement, however they may all have their own individual take on various issues and do not always march in lockstep.

Therefore, the principles that guide the community are:
  • Be excellent to each other. (As once proclaimed by the wise men Bill and Ted)
  • Minimize drama.
  • On average, positivity is better than negativity. Criticism is fine but try not to be a Negative Nancy.
  • Keep it classy.
On the whole, we don't believe in micromanagement or overly formal rules. Discussion goes on topic or off topic, and may be technical or occasionally political. However, like amateur (HAM) radio, this is intended to be a relaxed place that mostly runs and governs itself due to the good will of its users and some basic founding principles. Use your own moral compass to apply the principles above and if you see someone that isn't abiding by them, let them know so politely and why you feel that way.
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About us

  • Silicon Graphics User Group (SGUG) is a community for users, developers, and admirers of Silicon Graphics (SGI) products. We aim to be a friendly hobbyist community for discussing all aspects of SGIs, including use, software development, the IRIX Operating System, and troubleshooting, as well as facilitating hardware exchange.

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