#1Trying to get Netscape Mail 2.x on IRIX 6.2 working with custom mail server.


Jul 17, 2019
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My sister has a custom email server set up through SmarterMail and it allows insecure connections, which is good because I'm running an old version of IRIX. I tried using it with Netscape Mail but it doesn't work. I was wondering if there is anyone here who could help me out?

For one thing, I can't send any mail. It contacts the mail.exampledomain.com server (that's not actually what it's called), and it tries to send the message, but IRIX returns an error saying it could not connect to the server.

However, I am able to get a little further with receiving mail. It can contact the POP3 server but it says the username or password is incorrect. I think I know why this is the case, and I'll explain so here:

When I click "Get Mail" in Netscape Mail, it asks "Please type in the password for POP3 user 'example@mail.exampledomain.com'." Such an address does not exist on my sister's mail server, and I'm not sure it even can exist.

Is there any way I can resolve this issue?



May 3, 2020
San Diego, Ca
Wow that is going back... Clearly example@ is a configuration setting in NetScape and you need to find it and change it, which I'm sure you know. But as to where that is I don't know, I think that is your real question where are the Settings for NetScape 2 Mail.


Added: https://kb.iu.edu/d/aaxn <-- Site contains some instructions on 2.x/3.x setup.
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