1. DS1742W NVRAM RTC Replacement for SGI Fuel, Tezro, O350

    Hi, some of the forum members suggested I should offer the DS1742W replacements also here at The Bazaar. Besides a local thread where I mentioned its development I mostly used an ebay listing. The fees there are terrible but I suppose they provide a maximum reach. I already made over a hundred...
  2. rbz

    For Sale: DMediaPro VBOB

    SGI DMediaPro VBOB w/ DM5 daughterboard Includes the VBOB only, unfortunately I do not have the LVDS cables or a DM2/DM3 card. This DMediaPro does include the DM5 daughter card The part number of the item(s): 013-2746-006 Rev A CMN009 Asking price: $100 or best offer. Shipping: Local...
  3. SGI System to PCI Type Cross Reference

    I'm working on a much bigger project and realized this little piece could help some folks out when considering PCI cards. (References at the bottom) NOTE: Universal PCI Cards should fit in all systems that support PCI, these have 2 keys [gaps] in the card edge connector. PCI and it's...

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