power supply

  1. Elf

    SGI Power Supply information

    This thread is for collecting links to posts about individual Silicon Graphics power supplies! Indigo Indy Indigo 2 (Impact & Non-Impact) O2 Tezro (non-PSU) voltage regulators and rails More to follow!
  2. Elf

    O2 Power Supply Basics

    It's time for more Power Supply Basics! This time of the Silicon Graphics / SGI O2. This one had less to figure out than the Indigo 2 and Indy. If referencing or duplicating this information, I ask that you maintain a prominent link to this original forum post for further updates, as well as a...
  3. Elf

    Indigo 2 Power Supply Basics

    As you may have seen, I previously did a writeup on Indy power supplies. I've recently examined the SGI Indigo 2 PSU, and while I won't be exploring it in the same level of detail as the Indy I wanted to share some of the basics. If referencing or duplicating this information, I ask that you...
  4. Elf

    Indy Power Supply information

    Hi all, It is probably no secret that I am designing a replacement Indy PSU using off the shelf DC-DC converters. While that is a matter for another series of posts, along the way I have collected some basic information about the functioning of the Indy PSU. If referencing or duplicating this...

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