1. joshyfishy22

    Single Octane R14k@600mhz

    Hello everyone, I have a single Octane R14k @ 600mhz Cpu that I want to sell for 225$ + shipping. Works great and a great speed upgrade. If anyone is interested please let me know! :giggle:
  2. Pull image from SGI Octane

    Hello, We have a fairly early (~1998) SGI Octane running special software on top of IRIX that we would like to emulate for training purposes. I am wondering what the best/most cost-effective solution for pulling the image from the drive is - I think that it's a 2 gig disk. The machine is fully...
  3. KayBee

    SOLD: Reduced price: Octane for sale, R14K 600 MHZ, ESI Graphics, 5GB RAM, Cherokee, external CD-ROM. $500

    Hi All, Selling another Octane, I prefer not to ship since these things are heavy. I have not done anything with this machine other than boot it for pictures. Located in Los Angeles. I would also trade for an M1 Mac mini.
  4. KayBee

    KABoing Beta with Sound

    I have hacked some sound into it and now it's anti-aliased. It uses ~6% cpu on my 400MHz Octane. It currently does not run on O2 though Flexion ran it on Indigo2. The sounds are my son hitting the aluminum garage door, recorded from inside the garage. I read that is how the "Amigans" did the...
  5. rbz

    3D Printed: Octane / Octane2 PCI card cage blanking plate

    I created a 3D printed PCI card cage blanking plate for the Octane / Octane2 Uses 2 M4 screws (same as original hardware) to mount the plate. If there are any fitment issues let me know. I noticed between my two Octanes each fit slightly differently but works in both just fine. Available on...
  6. rbz

    For Sale: DMediaPro VBOB

    SGI DMediaPro VBOB w/ DM5 daughterboard Includes the VBOB only, unfortunately I do not have the LVDS cables or a DM2/DM3 card. This DMediaPro does include the DM5 daughter card The part number of the item(s): 013-2746-006 Rev A CMN009 Asking price: $100 or best offer. Shipping: Local...
  7. rbz

    [SOLD] For Sale: Octane PCI Cage

    SGI Octane PCI Cage The part number of the item(s): 013-2304-001 Rev A (case) 030-0952-005 Rev E (board) Asking price: $250 or best offer. Knock $15 off the price if you send me your blanking plate to cover the hole in the back of the Octane where the cage goes. Shipping: Local...
  8. SGI System to PCI Type Cross Reference

    I'm working on a much bigger project and realized this little piece could help some folks out when considering PCI cards. (References at the bottom) NOTE: Universal PCI Cards should fit in all systems that support PCI, these have 2 keys [gaps] in the card edge connector. PCI and it's...

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