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  • Gfx Cfg Err
    "Gfx Cfg Err" on the L1 display generally indicates that a keyboard and mouse are not connected while in console=g (graphical) mode.

    Serial Console
    • Attach a serial cable to the "Console" port
    • Launch a terminal emulator, connected to the serial port, at 38400 8N1
    • This will connect you to the L1 controller by default
    • To enter "console mode" and connect to the PROM, press Ctrl-D
    • In the PROM command monitor: setenv console d to ensure that IRIX utilizes serial console output
    • You can now proceed with an IRIX installation, or other operations, via serial console
    • Press Ctrl-T to escape to the L1 console (after entering one L1 command, it will return to the system serial console)
    The IO9 card in the Tezro (and Origin 350) provides for an IDE CD-ROM drive connection, an internal Ultra-2 / U160 SCSI connector (HD68) with a cable connecting to the SCA backplane for removable drives, a similar external SCSI ("micro centronics" / VHDCI) connector on a second SCSI bus, Gigabit Ethernet, and NVRAM / RTC. Additionally via a second board, it provides three serial ports (one for PROM use connected through the L1 controller and two for regular OS use), and PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse.

    The external SCSI VHDCI connector can be adapted to a regular HD68 via cable, for example by CablesOnline.Net (eBay).

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