WTS: Tektronix XP217P X11 terminal (with its firmware CDROM)

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System Specifications
  • CPU: LR33020MC 25Mhz (No MMU or FPU)
  • RAM: 4Mb, upgradeable with standard SIMMs
  • Peripherals:
    • 1x Ethernet Port (BNC and UTP). Uses a SONIC DP83934 chip.
    • 2x Serial Ports
    • PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse ports
    • 1x Standard 15pin VGA port. TLC34076-135FN chip.
    • Can be expanded with a parallel port, "sound card" and two PCMCIA slots.
For sale Tektronix XP217
  • system RAM: 32MByte
  • keyboard and mouse: common PS/2 (not included)
  • Video Out: common VGA
  • Firmware: TekXpress v7 (original CD included, very rare)
  • PSU: +5/+12V, 100-240VAC (included original PSU)
Picture of the TekXpress v7 CDROM

It's currently located in Switzerland, but it will be probably shipped from Italy, which costs less money and zero customs fees within Europe.

Contact me in private here on this forum (but I don't access here frequently), or contact me by writing a message here (specify "to the attention of "ivelegacy"), and the message will be readdressed to me immediately.

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