WTB: Ultra64 Development Board for SGI Indy systems (any revision)


New member
Feb 26, 2022

I'm currently looking for a rare PCB for the SGI Indy that was used in the early days of Nintendo 64/Ultra 64 game development. There are one or two revisions of this board, either or them are fine. I only need the board itself, but I will consider if you wish to include an Indy as well.

Currently willing to pay $10k (US), but willing to negotiate. For serious offers please feel free to PM me.

Seller can be from any country, but must be willing to use overnight/insured/trackable shipping. I'm currently located in the USA. :)

Pictures of one revision (sourced from @GamingLegend64) - first revision?
[Image: 1QYvMXs.png]

Second revision (from u/CubanR) :
[Image: 77CRZBg.jpg]


Feb 4, 2019
Western United States
Good luck :)

I know there are a number of people looking for one, and a few people who have one, but at that offer price you might be able to succeed where others have not!

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