WTB: SGI IO9/IO10 for Altix 350


New member
Apr 5, 2019
Just bought an Altix 350 off Ebay, and managed to get a hold of a PCI card cage for somewhat cheap. Initially I thought I could get by with just the Qlogic and Broadcom cards individually that make up those parts of the IO9, and while they do work in the Altix 350 itself, I think I'd like to have a working CDROM. Since netboot limits my options quite a bit and isn't something I've been able to get working so far, it would be nice to just have an IO9 or I010. Don't really care which one, just anything that has IDE. Disk backplane is a nice bonus, if you happen to have that, I'm interested in it as well.

I'm located in Wisconsin, US.

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