Wanted: Director and/or Video Editor for SGI Origin 350 Series


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Aug 20, 2019
I’d like to create a YouTube series on the SGI Origin 350/Onyx 4 (purchasing, upgrading, L1, booting, installing IRIX, etc.). I have most of the different bricks and many upgrades already purchased. I'm going to go through this process anyway and think it could be interesting/helpful for others to document the process.

I have 3 identical 1K webcams, some lights, a nice microphone, some experience with OBS and Twitch streaming, etc.

I can do the video recording and voice over, but I'd appreciate someone with interest or experience to edit the videos. I'd like them to be posted on the SGUG YouTube channel in order to benefit the overall community.

What I don’t have is an artistic sense or skills to do more than concatenate some clips together.
Example SGI Origin 350 - L1 Commands - Intro In general this video isn't good, but hopefully you can see what I was trying to do.

Contact me if this is interesting and you want to help, messaging me on the SGUG Discord Server works best.
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