The start of an IBM MCM collection


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Dec 16, 2019
South Africa
I noticed the POWER6 MCM years ago, and regard it as being the most "beautiful" microprocessor I've ever seen! (I love the symmetry's it possesses!!!)

A week ago I ordered one from "Alan CompuTech International (ACI)", in the US and I'm very impressed with their service to say the least! I highly recommend them!!!!

It arrived today and it's an absolutely beautiful, perfect specimen!!!

This definitely marks the start of an IBM MCM collection!!!
If anyone else around here possesses IBM MCM’s, please post them!
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Jan 1, 2023
The Power6 is indeed a pretty chip -- the metal frame really sets off the ceramic base!

I am a huge fan of IBM MCMs, and I will attach some photos from my collection.

Along with collecting vintage computing I'm a retired educator, and I exhibit my collection at local schools and tech fairs to interest kids in educations and careers in technology -- and I also keep my brain alive learning about all the MCMs out there!

I call my booths at the fairs Technically Beautiful.
IBM G3.jpeg
IBM 3081.jpg
IBM 9121 purple ceramic version.png
IBM 3081.jpg
IBM 9121 purple ceramic version.png
IBM G3.jpeg
IBM G4.png
IBM MCMs  **DSCF3710 G4 and Power5s.jpeg
IBM Muskie.jpg
IBM:Hitachi z800.jpg
IBM z900 MCM.jpg
Jan 1, 2023
new to this site
apologies for duplicate images

think I will also post an Infineon test chip in its unusual metal frame
and a few SGI boards you guys should recognize!

I have more photos of IBM and other manufacturers' MCMs
if anyone wants to see more?

Infineon test chip.png
SGI Raster Master.png
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