"Spirit" - an SGI magazine which I think was their employees' internal publication? October 1995 issue


Sep 20, 2022
An Worthpoint copy of an old eBay listing for an SGI magazine called "Spirit". I think this was an internal magazine for SGI employees, and may not have been the only one. The issue was the October 1995 issue.

Link: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/sgi-silicon-graphics-computer-systems-1816985919
Archive links: (I'll have to come back and edit these in later. archive.today is currently playing up and the Wayback Machine doesn't seem able to archive this for some reason.)

Front cover:


Back cover:

sgi-silicon-graphics-computer-systems_1_cdef74405c6aad7184c612708a4b6ce2 (back cover).jpg

Scan of two pages - but the text is too blurry for me to make out!

sgi-silicon-graphics-computer-systems_1_cdef74405c6aad7184c612708a4b6ce2 (double page scan).jpg

Scan of another page - and this time the text is just about readable:

sgi-silicon-graphics-computer-systems_1_cdef74405c6aad7184c612708a4b6ce2 (single-page scan).jpg
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