Site upgrades incoming!


Dec 26, 2019
New York City
Greetings fellow Silicon Graphics enthusiasts!

What's happening?

Our site is much overdue for security patching and maintenance upgrades. In the next SGUG site release, we will be deploying:
  • Xenforo v2.2.15
  • Tactical v2.2.15
  • UI.X v2.2.0 P3
  • Nodes v1.1.1 P3
  • Misc anti-spam and anti-bot plugin configuration changes and upgrades
One thing is going away: the Xenforo wiki. Nobody is using it. No point in keeping it around.

In addition to this, the infrastructure side will see the following changes:
  • Full "enterprise-style" CI/CD with reproducible builds of the site, with a UAT environment
    • We can easily test any changes to the forum software, and do live rolling deploys
    • The whole site, its database, and related concerns can be moved to arbitrary cloud providers as the admin staff sees fit or necessary.
  • CloudFlare DNS management
    • Another one of our efforts to curb traffic from known bot IPs and reduce forum spam
  • Status page
    • We now track the uptime of the forums and RSE Yum repositories
Rollout plan


  • We are going to let our UAT environment soak for a period of 2 weeks
    • If uptime remains perfect, then we will update this post with a date for the cutover
  • Site gets placed into maintenance mode
    • Database snapshot taken at this point-in-time, and promoted into the UAT environment
    • Maintenance mode gets turned off on the new environment
  • DNS change to new server
    • Users will either see the maintenance banner, or the newly promoted site as DNS propagates
  • Nameserver change to CloudFlare
    • Both zones will point to the new site, so users will notice no disruption
The snapshot/promotion of the new server should take about ~5 minutes (we measured!), with a maximum estimated downtime of about an hour (DNS propagation) but empirically much less for most users. The RSE repositories will be unaffected.

Thank you

We are so honored to see what has become of our little community experiment since starting it in 2019. It is because of our contributors that we have so much to show across: RSE, a big catalog of ported software, and endless threads & initiatives focused on preserving SGI knowledge for future generations of enthusiasts to come.


Sep 7, 2022
Thank you sincerely for your work and good luck with the upgrades. I hope it goes smoothly. I'm sorry managing bots and griefers is such a chore, but I know it is.
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