SGUG-RSE Porting Guide


Feb 8, 2019
This is an overview for how to port things for RSE.


In your homedir on your IRIX host you should see :
~/sgug-rse.git #cloned from sgidev/sgug-rse

Making a new port
cd ~/rpmbuild
rpm -Uvh
Now try to build it!

rpmbuild -ba --undefine=_disable_source_fetch -ba SPECS/auto-destdir.spec
If it builds, sudo install it:

sudo rpm -Uvh /usr/people/edodd/rpmbuild/RPMS/mips/auto-destdir*.rpm
Adding a working spec to wip

On my IRIX host, in my git checkout "~/sgug-rse.git"

git checkout wip
cp ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/auto-destdir.spec ~/sgug-rse/packages/auto-destdir/SPECS/.
git add SPECS/auto-destdir.spec
git commit -m "added auto-destdir"
git push origin wip
If you're pushing a bunch of changes that you're not very sure about, you should consider creating your own fork of sgug-rse, creating branches there, then sending us Pull Requests for review.


Failure Scenario 1: something's wrong in the spec

First, copy the official FC31 spec file to "<packagename>.spec.origfedora" . Include this with your fixed spec.

Typically this happens when you're missing a dep. If you know you have a dep and it's named differently, comment the BuildDep line out; don't delete it.

There could also be a Linuxism, or some other problem.

Generally, please don't delete lines. Comment them out.

Failure Scenario 2: the source needs to be patched.

* cd ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
* extract foo-bar.1.0.0.tar.gz
* cp -Ra foo-bar.1.0.0 foo-bar.1.0.0.orig
* cd foo-bar.1.0.0/
* Play some code golf!
* cd ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
* diff -Naur foo-bar.1.0.0.orig foo-bar.1.0.0 > foo-bar.irixfixes.patch

In the spec file, we start our patch numbers at 100:

Patch100:    foo-bar.irixfixes.patch
You can look at other specs to see how to patch.

I prefer the lazy way
%autosetup -p1
Write out the spec file, then try to rpmbuild per above. If it works, great!

scp the patch and the spec, then git add, commit and push per above.

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