SGI Indy not startup after disconnect by error the power cord when working.


Jul 22, 2020
Hi friends, I need some help to determine what's the bad component of my Indy. I have Indy 4600PC 133Mhz with 128 Mb and Nidec PSU.
Until few days all working perfect but by error I'd disconnect power cord when machine was running and Indy never startup again. After this disaster I do next steps.

1- Indy start on press power button with green light but not sound the startup music and GFX not initialize or HD not starting to load IRIX or Prom menu.
2- Open Indy remove all memory banks and try only with 4 of them on the 4 ram slots near to PSU, result small one blink in red of power led when press power button.
3- Try to combine different memory modules in group of 4 to determine if some memory SIMM are dead. Same result , small 1 blink in red on power on.
4- Now with all memory banks compleat again as step 1, never start with green light, continue the small 1 red blink at startup and power off Indy.

I'm suppose the next step is open PSU and replace capacitors and try again. ¿Any idea to do before start to open psu?

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