PC workstations with built-in SCSI


Sep 7, 2022
Years ago, I was between jobs and I needed some cash. I helped a company in Colorado Springs refresh all their desktop computers. They had around 200 systems they replaced with new Dell workstations. When I was piling up the older system, which I believe were made by Acer, I noticed something. Some of those systems had a SCSI-2 connector on the back of them, right on the motherboard. I was working at the time and didn't note down the model. Now, I regret it, because I want one! I have had some IBM Intellistation hardware that had SCSI but I don't think it was onboard. I believe those still used HBAs. Plus the IBM stuff is HUGE most of the time. These Acer machines were smaller-than-normal PCs. I've always loved SCSI and hated PATA. I'd like to build a 32-bit box based on some cool hardware like that.

Anyone remember those or any types of system like them? The only other system I've seen like that is the PC version of the DEC Multia which are now unobtainium and over $300 if you do happen to find one on Ebay ($1000+ if you happen to find the Alpha 21064 / EV4 version). I'm looking for something more accessible.


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Apr 2, 2024
I believe some of the IBM PS/2s had built in SCSI, as did some Intergraph machines, however neither of these are cheap. There were motherboards (Tyan 1836 for example) of the Pentium 2 era which had built-in SCSI.



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Jun 23, 2019
Get yourself a Pentium 2 era server motherboard, like a Asus P2B-DS. I know they had SCSI onboard.

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