Octane PSU Infomation


New member
Aug 10, 2022
Blaine, WA
I have a pair of Octanes that both of which have failed power supplies, given that the cost of replacing them is pretty extreme, I would like to look into repairing these. The ones I'm working with are the Cherokee 747W 060-0035-001 and 060-0035-002. They both have the same fault, which I think may have been caused by my spare (third) Octane board.

Essentially, they will click on to standby, but then when they try and power up, the Octane will fire up for about half a second (LED's, fans on etc) and then immediately power off. The supplies won't try and power up again until the mains power is removed. My suspicion is that some kind of short circuit or overcurrent protection might be kicking in.

So I was wondering if anyone here had a similar issue and managed to resolve it. Or well, if you have -any- information on these supplies to share it would be super helpful as we don't even have a pinout from these things.

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