Non-exhaustive list of interesting videos...


This little thread to share videos related to graphics, basics of image generation, and cgi (lots of youtube links…sorry).
Can be useful or just nice.

I think most of you have already (high level) knowledge or does not need it because it's too basic, or maybe the links have already been shared... who knows.
Some videos helped me to understand concepts.
Also feel free to add links if you want or if you have books to recommend, why not!!!!

Maybe some channels are those of members of this forum!

These are just links, the rights belong to their respective creators. Thanks for them.

More oriented theory:

CRT Display & 2D graphics computer basics :

3D to 2D :

Personal Computer Graphics 60s & 70s :

Introduction to computer graphics :

3D graphics computer basics academics (you have to like mathematics !) :

More application/practice :

He build is video card… :

Scanimate ! (Analog graphics generator/effets) :

Quantel Paintbox ! :

Quantel HAL demo :

SGi Indigo 2:

SGi PowerVison:

Softimage 3D basics :

AliasWavrefront :

Magi/Syntavision :

1972 CG animation :

VintageCG :

Gorkab :

Ultimate History of CGI :

Book side :
The only i know is : "Computer graphics by Hearn & Baker"
..and also more electronics oriented books (basics video circuits, logic, old TV tech data, etc...)

Good evening 🙏
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