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Jun 13, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
Hey everyone,

I recently managed to acquire a VigraSound VME board for my Onyx. It appears to be in good shape though it was sold in unknown working condition. Visually I see no issues with it, save for a missing retention clip on the bottom front of the board.

I built up a new drive for my Onyx with 6.2 installed (with patches) since the audio library that the VME board references was deprecated in the move to 6.5. I have the board installed in VME slot 1 (directly next to the IO4). I also do not have any jumpers installed on the backplane to shift the slots (in case I wanted to skip slot one I'd have to jumper the backplane to make sure the correct control signals were transferred).

VigraSound 2.2 is the last available driver I could find for the board. I installed this right after doing a base install of 6.2 (prior to patching). The driver shows up correctly BUT the system does not acknowledge any corresponding hardware installed. Autoconfig -v reports that there is an MMI110 board (the sound board in question) installed but it is unable to probe it. As such, I cannot access any of the sound control features (ie. Audio Control Panel). I attempted to reinstall the media tools after all this, in case there was something odd going on with the software. This did not resolve the issue, unfortunately.

So here's where I'm at:

- I have installed the board into the machine, with no issues immediately apparent (ie. damage).
- I have installed IRIX 6.2 onto a fresh drive along with the VigraSound driver AND IRIX media tools (sound playback, audio control, etc.)
- The machine sees that there is a VME board installed; autoconfig reports the correct model of the sound board but cannot probe it

hinv -v reports:
VME bus: adapter 13
VME bus: adapter 0 mapped to adapter 13

The only thing that I have been unable to do at this point is reference a user's manual. I've spent a good while over the past two weeks trying to locate one but have so far come up empty handed. There are jumpers on the sound board which I've left alone at this point but I'm wondering if I need to make adjustments to them. Without any reference material I don't think I'll be very successful with randomly adjusting their positions.

Does anyone have a copy of the VigraSound manual? Even if it's a hardcopy I'd happily receive photos of the pages. I just need something to reference at this point.

Likewise, if anyone has one of these boards installed and knows the tricks needed to get it running correctly, I'd very much appreciate any and all help I can get.

Thank you all!

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