InfiniteReality 3 DG problem


Aug 25, 2021
I recently got my hands on an Onyx 350, with an IR3 with a DG5-2 / TVO. However, I'm getting no output from the DG. Running `irsaudit`, I get some failures related to the VOC registers:

TEST vocreg VOC Registers
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_IWSC_ORIGIN (0x204) = 0x5555
INFO (expect 0x155555)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_IWSC_SIZE (0x205) = 0xaaaa
INFO (expect 0x2aaaaa)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_VOF_VERT_PHASE (0x208) = 0x5555
INFO (expect 0x15555555)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_PFD_CONTROL (0x230) = 0x5555
INFO (expect 0x15555555)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_PFD_SEQUENCE_LO (0x231) = 0xaaaa
INFO (expect 0xaaaaaaaa)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_PFD_SEQUENCE_HI (0x232) = 0x5555
INFO (expect 0x55555555)
INFO ERROR: VOC#0: reading VOC_PFD_FRAME_DUR (0x234) = 0xaaaa
INFO (expect 0xaaaaa)

INFO VOC #1: FAILED with 53 errors.
DIAG Replace DG board; BEFORE replacing any ASICS, ensure clocks
DIAG on the DG are running properly (like the VOF clocks for
DIAG VOC failures). Faulty or not running clocks _will_ cause
DIAG VOC failures. Otherwise, repair by reworking flawed

It's oddly only managing to read the low halfword of each 32-bit register; upper halfword seems to be zero. Anyone have any suggestions? Or any notion of how to ensure "clocks on the DG are running"? I've physically inspected the card and connectors and reseated it, everything seemed fine. No obvious problems, though if I can't solve this I'll end up disassembling the "sandwich" and seeing if there's an issue on the lower board.

(apologies for duplicating the thread here and on irixnet, just for wider broadcast!)

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