How to use a Fedora 31 VM to resolve rpm dependencies (Or, how to struggle less with porting for RSE)


Feb 8, 2019

  • Have a physical host running Vagrant
  • Create a directory "fc31_vm"
  • Create Vagrantfile
  • Code:
    Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "generic/fedora31"
  • Run 'vagrant up'
To find all the deps needed for a given package:
dnf repoquery --requires --resolve libproxy

To find all the packages that rely upon a package:
dnf repoquery --available --alldeps --source --whatrequires libproxy

This beats the heck out of my old process, which was "find something to port. Install its SRPM from FC31 repo. Disable things in the spec that I know won't work. Try to build it. Rinse/repeat for all of its deps."

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