How do I initialize an o2 Analog Video Board?


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Aug 28, 2019
So, I've just got my o2 the Analog Video Module. Problem is, I use SETENV -P from the PROM to set videotiming, videoinput, videooutput, and videogenlock to what seems like it should be a valid configuration for my setup per the higherintellect writeup and the O2Video man page but I only receive videostatus=av_error in response.

I've tried updating my IRIX 6.5.22 install using Booterizer's overlaid discs but suspect I may need something off the base 6.5 set.

EDIT: So, I popped the cover off my existing audio input module for some comparisons...and I apparently was sold a audio module without the cover for the composite and S-video inputs, which are both populated on the audio only board for some reason. Both 1145-001 Rev. D, same spots on the board populated with the same chips. Be sure to check for that MooseCam connector, folks.

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