Getting Flame 4 to run on Irix 5.3


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Aug 28, 2019
Hi all!

I have almost finished a licensing patch for Flame 4.0.2 on Irix 5.3. This version is significant as the oldest Flame version which runs on R4000 cpus, on Irix 5.3, and the last to support pre-impact graphics. Actually it was made for the Onyx1 RealityEngine, but for some reason, there are functions in the binary which are specific for Indy XZ graphics (maybe leftover from Flint-testing?).

I have managed to pass the checks for RE-graphics, the MicroSentinel/UX dongle checks (Flame 4 does not have the later licensing), and patched the Stone hardware checks (any disk can be used for a Stone array - though Flame 4 can even use an ordinary disk). Now it hangs when setting up the framestore (both when Stone and file-based). I have done the patch using Mame/Indigo2 Irix 5.3, and my SGI O2 running Irix 6.5, so there may be hardware/emulation issues.

If someone could help me test this on original IRIX 5.3 hardware (Onyx1 would be perfect, but Indy/Indigo2 should work), I'd be grateful. I might be able to help with the media if you dont have it already (I own the orginal software disk, though no dongle unfortunately). Here is the patch for the flame_IRIX_5.3 binary:

Patch 0b60d8 10200040 to 14200040 to skip RealityEngine check.
Patch 0ca58c 304f0004 to 00000000 to enable Dongle debug, to print some interesting Dongle info (Dongle license contents)
Patch 0ca5cc 14800008 to 10800008 to skip INVALID DEVICE message
Patch 0ca5f0 8f99c9fc 0320f809 to 00000000 00000000 to avoid crash. Still DEVICE INVALID VERSION
Patch 441418 00001025 to 24020001 to enable all program licenses and get OK version. Still DEVICE ERROR
Patch 0ca640 0320f809 to 24020001 to skip check dongle mode, and set dongle mode to 01 (File) directly. Results in LICENSE NOT VALID FOR THIS MACHINE
Patch 440d30 00000000 to 24020001 to skip LICENSE NOT VALID FOR THIS MACHINE and startup Flame

You could just setup Flame with a file-based framestore, but if you want, here is a patch for Stone - possibly the old champro trick works even with this old version, though I didn't test it. Patch swr.o:

19C0 change 10400009 to 14400009 patch Stone lic check
1AA8 change 11200009 to 15200009 patch Stone lic check
1AD8 change 2401FFFF 1181000C to 24010004 1420000A patch Stone lic check
412C change 10400016 change to 14400016 patch check for STON+WIR label

For a filebased framestore, it seems you need to make a new file "/usr/lib/discreet/libioSA.cfg", with the text "-1", for some reason, or you will get "SharedArena" errors.

Let me know if it works!

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