gcc 9.2.0


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Jun 1, 2019
As per the other gcc patches + requirements.

This one is potentially interesting in that 9.2.0 includes front ends for both "D" lang and for "go".

They aren't active in the build here, they need work to port/activate (for "D" the front end builds, but the standard library needs irixifying. For "go" I've done no investigation).

I'd like to advocate we try and focus on stability with this gcc - so we have those options open to us in future.

Patch is here: https://github.com/danielhams/didbs/blob/master/packages/gcc9/gcc9_2_0.sgidevfixes.patch

Edit: I'm removing direct references to configure here - as these builds are still evolving.

The arguments and environment can be found in that git directory as:

  • configureit.sh
  • setupenv.sh
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Oct 11, 2019
Thanks for the work you have done on this. Using your gcc 9 has solved a few issues with NetBSD's pkgsrc on iris.
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