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Aug 13, 2020
I see you plan to add NNTP access, curious how you'll do it! Would you mind sharing details?
It seems NNTP is a fairly simple protocol, so even implementing it from scratch shouldn't be too hard. I found a nodejs library for it, sadly it comes with 0 documentation but otherwise seems fairly solid (as far as Javascript can be solid) :p


Feb 4, 2019
Certainly; this is an @onre project that he did his part of and unfortunately is being held up by my lack of time :p

Basically XenForo has a RESTful API for accessing forums / messages and @onre managed to integrate it with a python NNTP framework. He even has a few nice things going to interpret the BBcode and display tables nicely! I'm going to front that with INN for a bit more of a hardened edifice with authentication that matches up with forum user accounts.
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Jun 30, 2020
I love the idea of being able to access the forums over NNTP - it's one of the oldschool systems I never took the time to really learn / understand and I'd love to have a reason to. I mean sure I used newsgroups back in the day, but always just plugging in some details I was given and it magically worked.
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