File looper v1.0.0 for IRIX (only SGI O2)


New member
Jul 27, 2019
Hi all!

After months of porting I can finally offer my File looper product to IRIX users running SGI O2 machines.

For now, only O2 hardware is supported because of IRIX's kernel peculiarities.

File looper allows to attach *.iso files to block devices and use them to mount the iso filesystem on them.

This version supports only the iso filesystem (or iso9660 in IRIX parlance).

For a short video demonstrating its functionality, click here:

You are interested in a copy? Send me an email to and I will happily assist you further in getting things up and running.

I'm offering this for 19,95€ per license (or equivalent amount of your local currency at time of purchase).



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