Crimson Revival

So I have had this Crimson for over a year at this point, and SuigintouLain and I finally got the machine ironed out. We originally installed IRIX 4 on it, over serial and it did ok, until I shut it down and the RTC died, necessitating a repair of the IO3B Board. So I put it under a desk powered off for months.

So VCFW is right around the corner, so the repair was done, similarly to CBHK's repair. The machine was able to boot after the repair.

After the repairs, and finagling with a newer SCA SCSI drive and getting the system to not freak out while installing IRIX, we got IRIX 5.3 installed for demoing at VCFW.

As you can see, the system boots to desktop, and works wonderfully so far. I want to thank SuigintouLain and CBHK for all their help from the beginning of this revival. The PSU will definitely need a recap, but it hasn't given any issues yet.


Feb 4, 2019
Good job fixing it, it's nice that the battery is so easy to attach externally.

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