CLOSED Personal Iris (4D/35+) with new PSU


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Sep 13, 2020
No longer for sale.

Hey all,

I've decided that I own enough R3ks and I'm going to sell the most space waste-y of them all. I picked up this PI earlier in the year and replaced the psu à la Jan-jaap with a Power-One.

This is a 4D/35+, with 32MB of ram and the full TG cardset (GR1.5, ZB3, BP4, GT2). In the top drive bay there is an untested Archive DAT drive, and in the hard drive bay there is a random 1G drive I had laying around with 4.0.5 on it. I've also installed a brand new nvram battery (button cell type).

The skins are in great shape, but there's a bit of rust on the VME bracket for whatever reason (not visible behind the skins).

I'm in the Greater Sacramento, CA area and am willing to drive around two hours in each direction in order for this not to be shipped, because it weighs about as much or more than a fully loaded Octane2.

I'm looking for $1000, payable through the usual suspects (PayPal, Cash, etc.).

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