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Feb 8, 2019
I just came across this doing a SGUG RSE from scrach, didn't find it in here but it's in discord. So I'll put it here.

If you are bootstrapping RSE you will want to 'reinstall' everything that isn't in the base tarball. When you do that you get an error, here is the solution.

[sgugshell RPMS]$ sudo rpm --reinstall -ivh noarch/*.rpm mips/*.rpm
bash: /usr/sgug/bin/rpm: Arg list too long

[as root add your account to the sys group to allow sudo access]

$ sudo systune ncargs 131072
ncargs = 20480 (0x5000)
Do you really want to change ncargs to 131072 (0x20000)? (y/n) y

$ sudo rpm --reinstall -ivh noarch/*.rpm mips/*.rpm

And then continue on.
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