Another hello from Germany!


May 26, 2022
Hi there,

I'm Jan and I live in Germany.
A very long time ago, I heard of SGI for the first time and liked it instantly! Which is quite normal when you are used to the Amiga or C64, C128, etc. before at that time.
I don't know when it was exactly but it could have even been movies like T2, Lawnmower Man and Jurassic Park :unsure:.

My first contact was an Iris Indigo running IRIX 4.? on which I viewed the first (and only) webpage of CERN in 1992 - with NCSA Mosaic, of course. I didn't expect that to become so popular in the world then...
Over the years, I noticed every new SGI workstation and could only dream to have one myself - until now.
I bought my first O2 - that one, I liked the most at the end of the 90s - together with A 1600SW monitor, keyboard, mouse and mousepad.
Even the active speakers are on the way. Everything is in the cool granite look, which I liked most.

The only thing of SGI, I had before were some glossy brochures of the Indigo 2 :).

And no, it's not the only legacy stuff, I have here. There are some Amiga 500s, a C64II, C128, C128D, some Monitors, Floppy drives, Datasette, lots of spare parts and so on...
A PowerMac G3 is here too - works as a cool stand for one oy my FP displays.

I'm looking forward to find some help and answers because my UNIX knowledge is very limited and since I got nearly no SGI experience, there's a lot to learn!


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