3D Printed Octane Drive Sleds (v1)


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Nov 23, 2019
Today I'm finally releasing the v1 of my 3D printed drive sleds for the SGI Octane and Octane2. These were primarily designed for the Octane, however I believe they will work in systems such as the Onyx 2 and Origin 2000 as they appear to use the same drive sleds. Although a 3D printed version of an Octane drive sled does exist, I decided to create this in order to have a design that accurately mimics the look of the original SGI drive sleds, as well as includes a functional handle locking mechanism. All the files can be found on my thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4064428

There are a few files other than the STLs. "package" is an Autodesk Inventor workspace with .ipt files for each part and an .iam assembly file for the entire drive sled. "pics" contains images of how each part should be oriented for printing. All info about how best to print can be found on thingiverse and in the README.txt

I may make some modifications and release a new version in the future, but it will most likely be a while off so feel free to print it without the fear of it becoming obsolete in a week.

Do note that you will require a fairly large workable area for your 3D printer, at least 200mm, as the longest parts (the sides) are 184.7mm long.
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