1600SW display and Flat Panel Adapter for O2


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Dec 21, 2019
Somerset, United Kingdom
For sale is my 1600SW and Flat Panel Adapter card. The adapter comes in the original box and includes Colorlock sensor, software library for 6.3 and 6.5, manual, SGI screwdriver and static wrist strap. The card has been removed from a working setup and is production Revision B.

The display is in general fair to good condition, the screen is still bright but given the age there are some minor scuffs on the bezel and some yellowing on the stand and back. The image looks best after about 1min power on. The height adjustment mechanish works fine. The original PSU packed in ages ago so I replaced it with a generic 12v version (UK wall socket).

Only selling as I don’t use the panel or card at all due to a) dpi font size is a bit small and b) I only have space for a single panel for work and home use.

Asking price is £125 via paypal, buyer pays for shipping and all handling charges. I’ll ship to UK, EU and Americas. I’m about with work so bear with me for getting things boxed up and dispached.

Note - the adapter is NOT for sale separately, please don’t ask me sell just the display or just the adapter card.


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