1. Indigo2 non-Impact Power Supply Repair - Hints welcome

    Hello everyone here, I'm an engineer trying to repair my neighbor's Indigo2. Symptoms are, machine only starts until playing the startup sound, but no graphics appears, and the LED stays constantly amber. From previous experience with aging (PC) power supplies, I opted for taking out the PSU of...
  2. twylo

    Indigo2: What to watch out for?

    Hello all, I just picked up an Indigo2 Solid IMPACT and I have been reliving my misspent youth with great enjoyment and enthusiasm. I used SGIs at university around 1993 to 1995, and later I was lucky enough to work at SGI at the main campus in Mountain View in the mid 90s. After leaving, I...
  3. KayBee

    KABoing Beta with Sound

    I have hacked some sound into it and now it's anti-aliased. It uses ~6% cpu on my 400MHz Octane. It currently does not run on O2 though Flexion ran it on Indigo2. The sounds are my son hitting the aluminum garage door, recorded from inside the garage. I read that is how the "Amigans" did the...

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